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Outsmart Your Smartphone
Get More Time and Energy for What You Love 

How is your smartphone changing your life? How can you make choices that give you more control over your smartphone use so that it aligns with your values and goals? 

Dr. Bradley Wright, a sociologist at the University of Connecticut, walks participants through the addictive design of smartphones as well as their benefits and drawbacks based on his most recent research. 

This collaborative workshop empowers participants to make better choices about their smartphone use based on proven strategies. It is an interactive, fast-paced 90-minutes, and highly practical. You'll walk away with proven strategies for making your smartphone work for you (rather than the other way around).

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Dr. Bradley Wright, University of Connecticut

The Deeper Living Project shares the best research-based strategies to help you do more of what matters most to you. 

Through workshops, classes, webinars, and books, The Deeper Living Project offers effective, proven strategies so you can take control of your time and attention to do what matters most, spend time with people you love, and lead a happier, more meaningful life. 

How Our Workshops & Resources Go Deeper


While there are many resources for tips and tricks on improving your productivity and achieving greater personal success at home and work, Deeper Living applies research-based practices you can put to practice immediately. 


Deepen connections with the most important people in your life through research-proven strategies and practices. Grow in self-awareness, gratitude, emotional intelligence, all the characteristics and capabilities that make up healthy relationships.

Health & Spirituality

Feel better and restore your soul. Based upon proven approaches to emotional and spiritual health, Deeper Living helps you put into the practices that lead to a strong and healthy life, on the inside and on the outside?

Ways to Go Deeper

Live Workshops

Master Your Smart Phone is our current live workshop, a live workshop by Dr. Brad Wright that guides you and your group through an evaluation of your smartphone habits and empowers you to make choices for improved well-being and relationships. To explore a live presentation for your group, click the link below.


Online Webinars & Workshops

Master Your Smart Phone is our current live workshop, a one-hour online workshop that guides you through an evaluation of your smartphone habits and empowers you to make choices for improved well-being and relationships. Sign up by clicking the link below.

Books, Articles & Resources

Find impactful books and other resources, including Ed Cyzewski's latest book "Reconnect: Spiritual Restoration for Digital Distraction", due out in early June. You can also access the free eBook download: "10 Ways to Use Your Phone Less and Pray a Bit More".

"We can't thank you enough again for leading us last night in the Outsmart Your Smartphone workshop. I only wish more people had attended to hear your powerful message."

Keith Anderson 
Pastor St. Paul's Church
"I am constantly wondering how to engage with social media and the people around me in a healthier way. Ed’s book offers us an invitation to lean into our technological world while staying tethered to discipline and simplicity."

Kaitlin Curtice 
Author of Glory Happening 
“What I love most about Reconnect is that Ed is not presenting us with a litany of information and then requiring us to ditch our cell phones and leave our technological society behind. What he’s asking us to do is open our eyes."

Shawn Smucker 
Award-Winning Novelist 

Reconnect: Spiritual Restoration
from Digital Distraction

Protect your time. Prioritize relationships. Restore your spirit.

Grounded in current research into the impact of technology, Ed Cyzewski's book Reconnect helps Christians rewire their technology addictions and train themselves to be present and aware of God rather than tuned into the constant distractions and deceptions of this digital age.

When phones go dark and social media feeds stop scrolling, can we step into a deeper stillness and presence with an always present God?

The 210 Project: Discover Your Place in God's Story

The 2:10 Project is a book and online series of exercises designed to help you answer the two most pressing questions to help you find your place in God’s story.

Why am I here?

What does God really want me to do with my life?

All of us long for the answers to these questions, and it can only be found when we connect to the One who made us as we discover where we fit in His Story. The 210 Project answers these questions through a practical and engaging online process that helps you discover your unique spiritual DNA.

The 210 Project consists of a book to read and a series of powerful online activities that bring clarity and understanding to your life’s purpose. To order the 2:10 Project, click HERE.

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