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Author Seth Haines Shares What Restores His Soul

I spoke with author Seth Haines about his books Coming Clean and The Book of Waking Up. Seth shares how he uses social media, how he limits his usage, and the practices the bring him peace and restoration. This video is part of the Paths to Restoration podcast hosted by author Ed Cyzewski.


Author Marlena Graves Shares Her Social Media Best Practices

Marlena Graves (@Marlena Graves), author of A Beautiful Disaster and The Way Up Is Down, shares her approach to social media, viewing Twitter as a kind of cafeteria where she replies to people the same way she would speak with them in person. She also shares how she posts on social media based on her experiences and expertise while elevating the voices of experts and others who have wisdom to s...

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Podcast Host and Author Lisa Delay Shares about the Dangers of Virtue Signaling Online

Podcast host, author, and spiritual director Lisa Delay shares how she uses social media to share her work while remaining aware of the many challenges of empty virtue signaling for social media. Lisa discusses how she places boundaries around her use to guard her soul and how spiritual practices bring renewal each day.

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A Healthy Alternative to Doom Scrolling

If you can't stop "doom scrolling" through your Twitter or Facebook feeds, you're in good company. These are stressful times, and there aren't easy solutions available in the short term. Here are a few practices that I've found helpful in shifting away from doom scrolling that I share in the final chapter of Reconnect: Spiritual Restoration from Digital Distraction.

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How Social Media Divides Us and What to Do about It

The "mission" of social media sites like Facebook is to presumably bring us together. But the problem is that while it can bring us together to share helpful information, it can also bring us together over misinformation. In fact, social media aims to capture our attention for as long as possible, and false news stories, designed to engage our emotions, are gaming the system. Studies ...

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Paths to Restoration with Elizabeth Maxon and Ed Cyzewski

Elizabeth Maxon is the author of Begin and Wonderland and hosts the Breathing Room, an online community for women who engage in spiritual practices every week together. In our interview we talk about the challenges of using social media, how connecting over video has been life-giving, and some simple boundaries and practices to increase your intention when using social media and making space fo...

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How to Navigate the Highs and Lows of the News Cycle

There have been some wild news days in the lead up to the 2020 election, leading to some mental health low points for many of us. Here are a few ideas for how we can better manage those difficult moments and move toward restoring our souls.

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How to Spot and Overcome Division on Social Media

A whistleblower at Facebook has detailed the ways that governments and bad actors are exploiting Facebook to promote misleading stories with bots and fake accounts. Algorithms reinforce confirmation bias within echo chambers that limit our perspectives, and we tend to react and respond in the moment rather than considering the source of a report or the complexity of the story. This is a mome...

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Paths to Restoration: Shawn Smucker and Ed Cyzewski

Shawn Smucker is the author of These Nameless Things, The Day the Angels Fell, and Light from Distant Stars. He is the co-host of The Stories Between us with his wife Maile, sharing their journeys as writers together. Learn more at

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Does Social Media Limit Your Choices?

The promise of technology today is an endless supply of choices. We have so many apps to choose from, where an abundance of users deliver an immeasurable amount of posts, videos, and images for us to view. Dotted throughout this ecosystem, we find links to articles, ads for products, and instantly streaming videos that are ready to go if we simply stop scrolling for a second. Group video ...

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