Reconnect: Spiritual Restoration from Digital Distraction

Ed Cyzewski investigates the crisis of attention that is leading to mental health challenges and extending to our souls.

The Christian contemplative tradition--deeply rooted in the spiritual traditions and practices of the church--offers a way forward, grinding the gears of our frenetic on-screen activity and thinking to an unspectacular halt. 

Protect your time.   Prioritize relationships.   Restore your spirit.

Grounded in current research into the impact of technology, Reconnect helps Christians rewire their technology addictions and train themselves to be present and aware of God rather than tuned into the constant distractions and deceptions of this digital time. 

When phones go dark and social media feeds stop scrolling, can we step into a deeper stillness and presence with an always present God?

Check out a free sample chapter of Reconnect and download the discussion guide for small groups. 

Praise for Reconnect

"Cyzewski guides Christians toward habits that cultivate spiritual growth and human flourishing."
- Katherine Willis Pershey, The Christian Century

"If you desire to engage with the world but don't want to be constantly distracted by it, this is a beautiful book with important insights for all of us."
- Kaitlin Curtice, author of Native

"True discipleship, true relationship, and true spiritual formation are found in the quiet places, the still places, the merciful places."
- Shawn Smucker, author of Once We Were Strangers: What Friendship with a Syrian Refugee Taught Me About Loving My Neighbor

"This book is sorely needed in this moment--for the sake of our individual and collective soul!"
- Marlena Graves, author of The Way Up Is Down 

Check out a free sample chapter of Reconnect and download the discussion guide for small groups.