Ed Cyzewski

by Ed Cyzewski


How Social Media Divides Us and What to Do about It

The "mission" of social media sites like Facebook is to presumably bring us together. But the problem is that while it can bring us together to share helpful information, it can also bring us together over misinformation. In fact, social media aims to capture our attention for as long as possible, and false news stories, designed to engage our emotions, are gaming the system. Studies have found that false news stories spread much faster than real news.

I've seen how false information has spread rapidly in our town as our peaceful protests over a Confederate monument have been framed by many in our town as violent outside agitators invading Murray, Kentucky. What should we do? We can't afford to add to the division. We need to remain aware of how social media is impacting us. We can ask whether the fruits of social media are overshadowing the fruits of the Spirit.

As you use social media or read news, beware impulse sharing. Consider the sources and how the story is impacting you, and only share what you believe will be genuinely helpful for everyone. We want people to have good information for this election and during this pandemic that has left far too many dead. We can get through these difficult, stressful days, but we need to stick together and focus on what is good and true--the stuff that will help our neighbors make healthy, beneficial choices.

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