by Deeper Living Project


How to Spot and Overcome Division on Social Media

A whistleblower at Facebook has detailed the ways that governments and bad actors are exploiting Facebook to promote misleading stories with bots and fake accounts. Algorithms reinforce confirmation bias within echo chambers that limit our perspectives, and we tend to react and respond in the moment rather than considering the source of a report or the complexity of the story.

This is a moment when we need to care for our souls first, respond to people as individuals (not as part of larger movements), and imagine what they are seeing that prompts them to react in this way. There is an alternative reality being creating by right wing news and media personalities right now, and we can't underestimate the impact they are having on people we interact with on social media.

Learn more about soul care in the midst of digital distraction in my book Reconnect: Spiritual Restoration from Digital Distraction.


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